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Moving home to be closer to school is a much discussed topic in the UK. In this article we look at reasons why moving closer to your preferred school can be beneficial both financially and in terms of improved quality of life. We also look at how house prices are affected by proximity to highly rated schools.

We’re a few weeks into the school term and if you are car dependent, some may already be feeling the strain on the daily routine; the early rises and the scramble to get everything ready – including dreaded PE kit – and out the door before the traffic builds up…

Is it time to consider cutting down on the school run and move closer to the school where your children attend? Or perhaps you have children at nursery and ‘big’ schools starts in January or September next year?

Are your children at primary school and you are about to begin the process of selecting the secondary school for the next academic year?  It’s important to consider location and how far you live from the preferred schools. 

Parents want the best for their children and that includes the best and most accessible education that feels right for your children. Moving to be closer to schools is a common driver for many home-sellers and home-buyers in the UK and  it is well known that being near a brilliant school with a highly rated Ofsted score can help sellers get more money for their property.


How does living close to a high performing school affect the property prices?

Living within the catchment area of a well-regarded or highly rated school can positively affect the value of your home. Exactly how much house prices are affected by proximity to good schools depends very much on the location, the school and the data sources you read.

In 2017 the government carried out their own research and found that house prices around the best 10% of primary schools in the country were 8% higher than in the surrounding area. They also found that houses close to the best 10% of secondary schools were 6.8% higher than in the surrounding area.

Without question, in most parts of the UK, schools have an impact on house prices. It is quite common that families move into areas with very good schools before the school application process for primary and secondary schools begins, in order to have a firm address to include on the paperwork.

Some house buyers are prepared to sacrifice the space and style of a property they are buying in order to be close to a chosen school or within a highly regarded school catchment area. The simple reason is that parents want the best education possible for their children.

The same argument goes for people who are looking to rent property near a chosen school. Some sacrifices are often made, including paying higher rent for their home.

Buying a property near a reputable school or within its catchment area, can cost you more, but the property will by default, also retain its value and appeal when it comes to selling the home at a later stage in your life. This can offer reassurance that buying a house near a good school can be a good property investment. 

There are several other reasons why many families choose to live close to the school where their children attend.

What are the benefits of living close to school?

In addition to the property values, there are other benefits of living close to school:


  • It can positively affect the bank balance, with less outgoings on fuel or transport costs such as trains and buses if you are currently having to commute to the school.
  • Living closer to the school where your children go can improve your quality of life, for both you as parents and for your children. Less commuting time, more family time at home.

  • Children living closer to their school may find they are nearer their friends so socialising and attending after-school activities can be done with much less organisation and transportation required.

How do you find local school’s Ofsted ratings and school intake information? 

At Hills, we see many customers looking for information about schools when they are searching for homes to buy or rent in Salford, Eccles, Swinton and Greater Manchester. So we’ve made it really easy for house-hunters to find the information they are looking for.

With every property we advertise for sale or to let in the Greater Manchester area,  you can discover information about all the local nurseries, primary school and secondary schools at a click of a button.

Our interactive map allows you to see the distance to the schools from the property that you are interested in, as well as full contact information for the school, the latest Ofsted rating, parent reviews, school intake numbers, faith orientation, results and catchment area. The tool also tells you if the school is a state-run school or an independent, private school.

We are proud that Hills can offer this incredibly useful resource for parents searching for schools in the Manchester area. Take a look by going to our property listings then click What’s Nearby when you select a property.


Are you looking to move closer to your children’s school? 

If you are looking to sell, let, buy or rent property in Salford, Eccles, Swinton and Greater Manchester in order to live closer to your children’s school, or a school you will be applying for in the future,  we can help. In addition to our interactive map, of course our local teams are here to help. Ask away and we will tell you everything we know about the local schools and property market  – and that is a great deal! We’re all local and know the Greater Manchester area inside out. We’d be happy to have a chat about your move.

If you’re ready to make that move now and need to sell your current home, start with a free valuation. We’ll give you an accurate and realistic valuation of your home based on recently sold properties and our thorough understanding of the current market.


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